This site is for information, support and questions for any parent of a child missing digits.

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a parent to a child born not whole, but still so very perfect. The life of a child born or with an aquired limb difference is a path that is full of ups and downs.

I am a very fortunate Mom to a son born in 2003 with bilateral symbractydactyly (his right thumb is his only complete digit). He also has clinodactyly of both pinkies. He was diagnosed while I was still pregnant, but that didn't make the journey any more easy.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Well the time has come---tomorrow! Just a heads up that I may not be updating for a little while. I am undergoing yet another surgery. Some of my readers know, but for those that don't, back in January 1987, when I was 9 years old, my dad and I went to Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames hockey game. During one point in the game, Paul Coffey was deflecting a shot from the Flames and the puck flew into the stands. I was happily eating my nachos and cheese, when my dad shouted "heads up!" to me. I snapped my head up, not sure where I was looking & that was one of the last memories of before the accident.

My Heads Up resulted in me catching our family's very first NHL hockey puck. No, it wasn't the way that any family wishes it to happen though. I caught it all right, right in the face, underneath my right eye. I was rushed to the hospital and suffered from a broken eye socket, cheekbone, and a couple of other broken bones.

I don't want to get too much into it, as afterall, this is Mikey's blog, but I thought I owed an explanation as to where I will be. I am going in for another revision procedure--which periodically I will have to continue doing every few years. I know that it was an accident and that Mr Coffey didn't pick me out of crowd, but I do wonder if he ever wondered what happened to the little nine year old girl who's life he drastically changed forever (and not in a very good way unfortunatly).

Please think of Mikey and his favorite older brother Liam while I am recovering. I hate when they see me go through this. I greatly appreciate your patience while I am away and I promise to have wonderful Mikey updates when I am back in action!

Till then...

ETA: There has been a last minute change of plans. I just found out that my surgery has been postponed for one week. So on June 8th, let's try this again!!

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