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Welcome to the wonderful world of being a parent to a child born not whole, but still so very perfect. The life of a child born or with an aquired limb difference is a path that is full of ups and downs.

I am a very fortunate Mom to a son born in 2003 with bilateral symbractydactyly (his right thumb is his only complete digit). He also has clinodactyly of both pinkies. He was diagnosed while I was still pregnant, but that didn't make the journey any more easy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well it sure has been some time since I've had a moment to get online and update! Our summer has been somewhat of a whirlwind--mostly in the good way!

August saw many many changes in the lives of our little family. We sadly had to say good-bye for now to Cloe and Xander, as they had to go back home and ready for school. Both Xander and Mikey started Grade 1 this year (although Mikey is older by nearly a year; I held him back a year to give him a little extra headstart).

I also had my surgeries which is the cause of delay in updating. August 11th I had my revision done for my face and had an unexpected OR towards the end of August for something different :( In any case we all made it through the summer smiling and happy which is the most important thing.

Liam and Mikey began school on Sept 1st and Mikey is so excited to be in school full-time and most importantly, with Liam! This boy sure loves his brother ♥ There has already been a bit of upset with a new boy in Mikey's class (the other boy is brand new to the school). I hate teasing. I loathe it even more when it is my child at the centre of it. It's only a week in and already he's come home 3 days crying. I called his teacher yesterday and they were aware this was going on. Apparently they've spoken to the other little boy & I am happy to say Mikey came home VERY happy and said that "D" was not mean to him!!! Hopefully this is the end of it. It was heartwarming though that when the teasing (which got to the point of "D" pushing Mikey down to the ground on the playground--this after not leaving him alone about his hands) was happening Liam and 3 of his buddies came to Mikey's side and helped him to the playground supervisor. Liam and his friends told Mikey that anytime he has any problems that they would be there for him.

These friends of Liam's are so awesome that they don't see Mikey as Liam's little brother but as a cool little dude with awesome hands :)

August also saw Mikey NOT coming home one afternoon while he was at a neighbours house--they were in the garage planning a suprise that they were all completely unaware I needed more than anything that afternoon (after getting very upsetting news). I got called outside to see my awesome little dude riding his bike WITHOUT training wheels!! Nothing will ever bring joy to me as seeing Mikey cruising on his two-wheels!! Not to mention that he only began riding his bike at the beginning of summer because that's what Xander loves to do--so thanks to my little X he got Mikey riding!! I've got a video but I need to figure out how to upload it. I will treasure that moment forever. He now wants to do nothing but come home from school and ride his bike.

Yesterday after Mikey had his good day at school, he showed me his agenda book and I was suprised with his printing! They need to copy what the teacher writes on the smartboard each afternoon and yesterday it was "join us tomorrow at 5:30 for ice cream". His printing was completely straight and on the line and 100% legible! Holy smokes!! There is nothing wrong with his fine motor skills! I need to upload that picture too, but will do so when I'm at home.

It seems I've written a bit of a novel, and it wasn't even an update of our whole summer--but I must end now and get some work done.

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