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Welcome to the wonderful world of being a parent to a child born not whole, but still so very perfect. The life of a child born or with an aquired limb difference is a path that is full of ups and downs.

I am a very fortunate Mom to a son born in 2003 with bilateral symbractydactyly (his right thumb is his only complete digit). He also has clinodactyly of both pinkies. He was diagnosed while I was still pregnant, but that didn't make the journey any more easy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Already!

Today brings us 12 days away from Mikey's 7th birthday! I can not believe that my BABY is turning 7!! He has overcome so much--not only in these 7 years--but from day 1! My, oh my--I am so very proud of his determination and his drive to overcome everything!

The boys had their yearly check-up a little bit ago & both are doing fan-tab-ulous!! Our Pedi; who has been with Mikey since birth, couldn't say enough about how proud he is of Mikey. He was still very happy (and maybe a little suprised) that Mikey is still doing everything without any sort of aid. I love hearing it when we get told "he really is just like any other boy his age"--honestly that is music to my ears!!

There really isn't time right now for me to give a full update, but I promise I will soon.

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  1. Diane,

    I am soo sorry there is a concern about a mass. I know you must be worried. I will pray they find NOTHING to be concerned about and are able to fix it SOON!!!!

    Luv ya,

    Cole's Foundation